Saturday, February 5, 2011

House Sold...But Where Does the $$$ Go??

Agenda Item Details
Meeting Jan 27, 2011 - SPECIAL SCHOOL BOARD MEETING  6:00 p.m. at the District Office (Room 220), 501 S. Bird St., Sun Prairie. 

Category New Business 
Subject Sale of house at 1306 Crossing Ridge Trail (Construction Trades Program) 
Type Action

We understand that LAST YEAR'S home construction house has been sold.  Rumors suggest that the amount was around $220,000, which would represent break-even considering instructor time.  That's what we want to be doing... breaking even while providing a great opportunity for kids.

Costing for last year's home building project

The question is....what do we do with un-budgeted revenues of $200,000?  That would buy a heck of a lot of school supplies and take THAT unsavory burden off of parents next fall.

We say un-budgeted because, like many grants applied for, Phil Frei can't really budget for a revenue for an unknown commodity.   if we don't budget for grant revenues, why would we budget for a home sale...especially in the current housing market. Of course, perhaps a revenue was built somewhere into the budget.  We don't believe so.