Monday, January 17, 2011

Waiter...I'll Have the Seabass!

It's only two days away! The annual Wisconsin Association of School Boards convention.
Bored Treasurer Jim McCourt has been pretty clear that it's his intent to attend the whole shebang. The only question in our minds is: will he tone down on his insatiable desire for haute cuisine?
In 2009, McCourt made big headlines with his two-night dinner tab total of over $80:

See the dinner tab and dining locations!

Really! Really, Jim? How many of you have actually had an opportunity to dine at "Umami Moto"? Wait...those of you that were dining on someone else's tab, put your hands down.

Getting to Seabass in Milwaukee
We've done Seabass a favor and highlighted his options to satiate his passionate proclivity for pescatorian provisions.
Bon appetit, Jim!  Take bold steps.

Oh...and somebody oughta just go on ahead and make copies of the receipts...cuz we WILL be askin' for them! The public wants to know: how extravagantly did you eat on our dime?
We can't wait...can you?