Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tapping the Rumor Well

While we anxiously await the dinner receipts from the WASB conference, we thought we'd recount a couple of interesting reports relayed to us:

From the "Should've Measured Twice and Cut Once" Dept:
Rumor has it that our fantabulous new Taj MaHigh School is in the market for new bleachers for the baseball diamond. Word has it that SOMEBODY forgot-- when they bought our brand spanking never-been-used new bleaches-- that our dugouts are in front of them and now we need newer ones that will sit high enough for the fans to see over same dugouts

From the "Let's Just Scrap Ashley" Department:
Ever wonder why incumbent school board candidate David "Don't I Look Like Billy Joel" Stackhouse has only offered brief verbal updates after the hoohah regarding $750K to turf Ashley Field and build new locker rooms?  Well...what we're hearing is that talk has turned away from Ashley and now SOMEBODIES are talking about building a new football field and complete new bleachers etc at the TajMaHigh School site.   Guess the economy HAS improved!

And speaking of Ashley...We're really glad to see that Ashley Bartow is flourishing at her new school: Verona.  It was a damned shame what that girl went through last year.  She deserved better treatment (as did her (assistant coach) dad and coach Liz Hrodey).  Ms. Bartow is tearing up the Big 8.  Good for her.  Whatever happened to that other girl...hmmm...what was her name again?  Exactly.

From the "Do As We Say, Not As We Do" Dept.:
We've heard several reports now regarding a belated holiday party chaired for SPHS coaches held at the Cannery Grill here in town.  We have it on good faith from those who observed that, "...the pitchers of beer were flowing".  Now, we're not about to begrudge any adult a little adult holiday cheer. seems a little hypocritical for the very mentors that preach abstinence from alcohol--and certainly the dangers of drinking and driving-- to be seen in public consuming and then driving off in their vehicles.  We're not suggesting that anyone drank to excess--or even beyond the legal limit.   But it's the principle behind this issue.  Certainly there are waitstaff that attend SPHS.  Certainly there are members of the public with kids that had occasion to dine at the Cannery Grill that day.  Come prom time or graduation time, it's going to be difficult to say, "Please..Don't Drink, and Drive". 

These kind of celebrations are best left outside of the public eye...dontchathink?  SOMEBODY should've had another think about holding that gala...dontchathink?

And....we're hoping the taxpayers didn't pay for this shindig...ya dig?