Sunday, January 30, 2011

Culver Plotting His Exit Strategy???

Quietly nestled within last week's school board meeting agenda was the following agenda item slated for CLOSED [to the public] session:

Go into closed session for the purpose of discussing and reviewing the district administrator's performance evaluation; and consideration of negotiation of changes to District Administrator's employment contract and parameters related thereto [Wis. Stats. 19.85(1)(c) & (e)].

To make matters even more suspicious, a citizen's open records request revealed that good ole Dr. Culver recently submitted 6 "contract change proposals" to the school board for consideration.  Hmmmm...What do you suppose those proposals were?  When the citizen requested a copy of the contract proposal under the Open Records laws, Culver--the district records custodian -- denied the request!

Curiouser and  That's not even the slightest bit conflict of interest-ish, is it?  The records custodian (Culver) refusing to release records about himself that he doesn't [obviously] want the public to see?????

We Don't Negotiate with Terrorists!
...and neither does the board "negotiate" with district administrators.  Hello!  This is not union-related collective bargaining!!!  A school board offers a district administrator a contract and said administrator can take it or not let the door hit him on the backside on the way out out the door...right?

And When We Get Behind Closed Doors...
Wethinks Dr. Culver dost protest too much.  There's clearly something there that he did not want us to know and wished to get board approval on behind closed doors.

Culver already has a VERY lucrative salary and perks package.  He makes $20,000 more in salary alone than the Secretary of the entire DNR!  Hmm...let's see...running a school district of just under 7,000....versus managing the entire natural resources for the entire freakin' state of Wisconsin!  

Culver's End Game
Culver already has just a hair under $115,000 tucked away in the "reserved" fund balance for his retirement.  His own District maintained tax shelter?  All he had to do for full vesting is stay on at the district for 12 years.  Guess what?  He's passed his 12th year.   And he turns 57 this year!  Could he be looking for more before hittin' the door??  A little sweetening of the 'ole retirement pot before he punches out?  Wonder how our elected leaders voted on those 6 proposals....You may want to give 'em a call...or e-mail.