Sunday, January 23, 2011

Transfer? From WHERE?

Just a few teensy tiny words buried in the 2011-2012 Transportation Budget prompt all kinds of questions:
  The  projected 2010-2011 expenses will be approximately $5,500 over budget.  Some additional double routes for CHUMS and the HS were added in October to relive overcrowding.  A budget transfer will be made to cover the deficit.

Check out the 2011-2012 Transportation Budget! The school board will discuss this tomorrow night.

Hmmm...WHERE are we transferring the money from?
What about 4K?  Wasn't that over-budget too?
Wherever do we get this money from?  We swear...Phil Frei has more than Our-Dough pants...he has MAGIC pants!

Memo to the STAR...we're looking at this stuff...are you?