Friday, March 13, 2009

...and Jim McCourt will have the Sea Bass (and NY Strip! and Shrimp!)

Ok... Sportsfans...this is what you've all been waiting for...

Ever since last year's annual WASB school board conference ( Reminisce over last year's feast!), when the Admin & School Board gang broke the bank at Butch's Old Casino Steakhouse, you've all been wondering...what would they do for an encore?

So...what did they do for an encore? How about a two-night extravaganza! Night One had the gang dining at the very haute cuisine "Umami Moto".

This is where Jim McCourt had the Sea Bass. Several communityt folks have wondered whether McCourt purposefully ate high on the hog (or fish) just as an "in your face" to SP-EYE and those community residents who believe that a "reasonable" meal is not defined as spending over $40 per plate. We'd like to believe that McCourt is not that shallow. He's just used to fine dining (and wining). What kind of community would we be to stick a pin in his balloon?

For Night Two the gang went back to Butch's Casino Steakhouse, the scene of last year's crime. Mr. McCourt had the 10 oz. NY Strip with 2 giant Guayma shrimp.

All told they spent $377.07 over two dinners (7 dined on the first night; 6 on the second) ...and that does NOT include any beverages!!!! Several board members were quick to point out that while they all had "a few adult beverages" (bar tab of $39.50 for Night Two), these were paid for separately. Thank heavens for small favors...right? It's not like these people are completely devoid of scruples.

Mr. McCourt won the prize for spending the most per meal EACH night, clocking in with a whopping 2-day dinner tab of $80.49!. Perhaps some will think we're being a tad unfair by singling out Mr. McCourt...but he WAS the one who argued so vehemently last year when last year's tab was questioned by the community. Mr. McCourt made his point loud and clear that there was a sense of entitlement to a couple of fine meals because he and other school board members give so much of their time to the district. Yep...and just when is Mr. McCourt going to take all those who volunteer countless hours reading to and tutoring kids out for a sea bass or filet mignon dinner??? There are MANY folks who give selflessly to the district and don't carry a sense of entitlement to anything. There's a difference.

Incumbent school board members John Whalen and Al Slane, both running for re-election, apparently had no loss of appetite worrying how the public would feel about them splurging on the taxpayer's dime for two consecutive nights.

On the other hand, we appreciate that both Jill Camber-Davidson and Terry Shimek (who also is up for re-election) chose to join in for only ONE of the evening fares. They also were not eating anywhere near as high on the hog as Jim McCourt. They spent less than the other board members except for Al Slane's very conservative $16 tab on Night One. He did make up for it, though, by doubling that total on the 2nd night.

A special award has to go to Caren Diedfrich who skipped the dinners entirely.