Sunday, August 23, 2009

We Guess Sun Prairie just has a Bigger Appetite than Madison!

Madison Mayor Dave Cheeselewinski says Madisonians cannot afford an 8.5% increase to property taxes. Maybe he could pass that on to Mayor Joe during their lunch that Mayor Joe had to buy to catch Dave's ear.

Then maybe Mayor Joe could pass that on to the school board. Of course our mayor sat in on the recent public hearing on the proposed school board budget, and didn't offer any input of any kind.

So...while the public opinion in Madison is that even 4.25% is too much of an increase to swallow, our talented school board members are on the brink of approving a 12.6% increase to the mill rate---or more!

" Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz says there's "no appetite" for an 8.5 percent city property tax increase. No kidding. Even half that number would be scary. With so many people facing wage freezes, furloughs or worse, now is not the time for a fat tax hike. Scale back leaf collection. Eliminate Sunday hours at the Downtown library. Drop a recruit class of firefighters if that's what it takes. But don't jack up property taxes for the sake of status-quo spending. "
--WI State Journal Sunday Opinion

Read the details for the Monday 8/24/09 budget proposal at the school board's Finance Committee

Of course....if no one attends and bothers to comment at school board or Finance committee meetings, then the board WILL do exactly as administration recommends.

So seriously, folks, get off your duff and speak up...or just smile and say. "Thank you, may I have another", when your property tax bill comes in.