Saturday, August 8, 2009

Let the Record Show:

OK, Sportsfans...
The records request has been filled, and oh....the picture it shows.

Again...let us be perfectly clear up front. The following is not intended to slight Partor Rayford. We think he will be a good addition to the Finance Committee. We see him as merely an unfortunate pawn in the school district's bizarre chess game. The issue on the table is ONLY the manner in which John Whalen fractured "the rules" and "sacred" policy in order to get the candidiate they wished on a Committee. Similarly, the rest of the sheep that supported Whalen's misdeeds should be held just as accoutnable.

Dateline Friday July 10, 3:46 pm.
Pastor Rayford's e-mailed letter of application is received, 15 minutes before the deadline. This letter requests ONLY consideration for the Human Resources Committee.

FROM:Tim Culver

CC: Diedrich, Caren; King, Gwen; Mikula, Annette; Whalen, John

DATE: 7/12/20096:56 AM
SUBJECT: Re: Citizen Representative Committees

This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter. I have forwarded it to the appropriate Board members. Thanks for your interest. Hope to see you soon.
7/10/2009 3:46 PM >>>>>
Dr. Culver,
As a resident of Sun Prairie, I am greatly concerned about the future of our district and its ability to continue to serve a growing and diverse community. I have devoted a significant amount of time over the past 2 years, to studying the complexities and challenges facing our community and I would like to serve the community by volunteering for one of the citizen representative positions.
The committee I am most interested in is the Human Resources committee. Having served on 2 special committees pertaining to bUilding a diverse workforce, I feel this will be the best fit for me. I will gladly provide a personal resume of my work experience upon request. The work experience includes over 10 years in management at large corporations such as General Electric, CitiCapital, and The Associates.

Pastor Harold E. Rayford
Faith, Hope and Love Worship Center

Dateline Sunday July 12, 6:56 pm.
Tim Culver acknowledges receipt of Pastor Rayfors's application.

Dateline Monday July 20, 8:20 pm.
Pastor Rayford's scheduled interview ONLY for the Human Resources Committee.

Dateline Tuesday July 21, 4:31 pm.
Verrrry interesting. John Whalen's e-mail to Pator Rayford requesting that he call him on his cell phone. We wonder....did any OTHER candidate get to have the opportunity for additional questions or interview time? Nice decision to use the personal cell phone...untraceable record-wise. Geee...since this was part of the interview, shouldn't this have been done under the watchful public eye?

From: John Whalen
Date: 7/21/2009 4:31 PM
Subject: Follow up questions

I was certainly a pleasure talking to you last night. I have a couple follow up questions that I would like to ask you. When you have a moment, would you please call me at 513-xxxx.
John Whalen President
Sun Prairie School Board

Dateline Thursday July 23, 5:02 pm.
Here's the silver tuna. John Whalen officially makes his nominations for the committees. Note that we have NO RECORD indicating that Pastor Rayford even REQUESTED a slot on the Finance Commitee. Yet here he is...nominated for that appointment.

From: John Whalen
To: Tim Culver
Date: 7/23/20095:02 PM
Subject: Re: Committee Members
I have inserted the names below. It would be nice if Gwen called the nominees on Monday. If we send a letter to all applicants, I don't know if it is necessary to notify those that were not nominated. If you feel otherwise, give me a call and we can discuss it.
John Whalen President
Sun Prairie School Board jewhale@spasd.k12.wLus
>>> Tim Culver 07/23/09 1 :27 PM >>>
If you give us the names of the members you are going to nominate on Monday, I can have Gwen insert them in a situation report.

Education & Policy Committee 2009-2011: Christina Klawitter
Facilities, Technology & Transportation Committee 2009-2010: John Wilke
2009-2011: Patrick Anderson
Finance Committee 2009-2011: Pastor Harold Rayford
Human Resources Committee 2009-2011: Betty Collier

Dateline Friday July 24, 9:55 AM.
Here is Culver's--not Whalen's-- rather urgent request to Pastor Rayford that he submit a follow-up letter of interest for the Finance Committee.

From: Tim Culver
Date: 7/24/20099:55 AM
Subject: Re: Citizen Representative Committees

My assistant Gwen is gone today, so perhaps you have already done what I am going to inquire about. The Board president, John Whalen indicated that he intends to nominate you this Monday 7-28-09 to become a member of the Finance Committee. To do so, by Monday he needs a written letter of interest to serve on the Finance Committee on file as well as your address in the school district. As I said, perhaps you've sent these to Gwen or John, but if not, feel free to send them to me via e-mail and I will see they get to the people who need them on Monday.

Dateline Friday July 24, 3:26 PM.
At long last, the district has the magic letter of interest in hand, expressing interest in appointment to the Finance Committee. 2 weeks after the application deadline; 4 days after the interview.

From: Tim Culver
To: King, Gwen; Whalen, John
Date: 7/24/20093:26 PM
Subject: Fwd: Citizen Representative Committee

>>>> 7/24/2009 2:43 PM >>>>>

I would like to amend my original letter of interest to include my new home address and to express my desire to serve on the Finance Committee. As you know, I have extensive experience working in the finance arena. Also, my new home address xxxxxxxxxxxxx, Sun Prairie, 53590. Please feel free to forward this information as you see fit.

Pastor Harold E. Rayford

Faith, Hope and Love Worship Center

SP-EYE - What bother us most is that the board and Dr. Culver clearly got Pastor Rayford involved in their duplicitous dealings. That is shameful to say the very least.

Here is the incredible list of shattered rules and policies that Whalen and the sheep left in their wake. Public trust? Kiss that goodbye.
  • The board violated it's own clearly published deadlines (applications due July 10).
  • The board violated its policy (requires application materials --with a due date--to include the committee(s)_ of interest; a separate letter is required for each.
  • The board interviewed the pastor ONLY for HR.
  • The followup interview questions John Whalen asked of the pastor are part of the interview process and therefore are part of the public record. Where is the public meeting notice for that phone call? Where are the minutes of the conversation? Yet another violation of open meeting laws?
Where will it end? When will it end? All we can tell you is that until members of this community that are disgusted with this way of doing business step forward and speak out, why should the board follow the rules?