Sunday, August 16, 2009

Add another $79,371 in salaries to the budget

Administrative Compensation Pay Increases - Take 2.

At the Monday 8-17-09 H/R Committee meeting (5:30 PM, District Office)
the school board's H/R Committee will take up the issue of Administrative Support Staff increases (except for the Energy Educator, who gets a decrease...excuse us..."red-circled").

What does this wonderful plan (that has already been included in the proposed budget) do:

$$ Gives the "Business Manager" a $2.40/hr raise ON TOP OF the $2.50/hr raise received last year. Damn, life is good.

$$ Gives a whopping 22.4 to 28.9% increase to the minimum/maximums for the Communications Specialist

$$ Stiffs the secretaries and Administrative Assistants, while giving overly generous increases to the already well-padded salaries of "Program Managers"

$$ Avoids the subject of direct raises and instead focuses the report in terms of "range minima/maxima.

You can read the propaganda at
BoardDocs info for 8-17/09 H/R meeting

OR, you can revisit the actual data we presented earlier. These are the cold hard facts.

See the actual fat raises this proposal gives--something not shared with the public by the district unless you asked

See what the US Dept. of Labor says similar jobs in WI are worth