Sunday, August 16, 2009


Letters...we get letters...

I'm not sure how long the State Journal subscription is for, but a few weeks ago I renewed mine for $ 41.80 for 7 days a week for 26 weeks.

I'm assuming [the school district office staff] don't need the Sunday paper, yet on the Newspaper web site a 26 week subscription for 7 days is $123.50 [which is the exact amount of EACH of the 2 checks approved].

We may need to have JohnE do some price shopping for us before we buy things (or would that be micro-managing also?).

A concerned and "tax poor" citizen we paying for a couple of people's Sunday paper now, too?

Ever curious and wanting to "get the facts", SP-EYE did a little Internet digging and found on the State Journal website that "Concerned "Tax Poor" Citizen doesn't speak with the forked tongue we've come to expect from the Powers That Be.

For the record...we're certainly not opposed to having a newspaper subscription for the middle school and high school libraries (Do elementary kids really read the newspaper?). But the taxpayers shoulder enough of the luxury life of the $100K club. We think this was yet another in a growing list of poor calls by our elected leaders, the school board. And stomping on the Finance Committee...which made the correct call, makes this truly bad form.
Ya know what's really poor form though? Administration should have stepped up and said, "hey school board, we really agree that this is an inappropriate expense, we're just going to cancel those subscriptions, which we shouldn't have made in the first place". Ahhhh...fairy tales....aren't they grand?
Psst... school board members... John Q Public IS watching. And they don't think very highly of your shenanigans.