Sunday, August 2, 2009

School Board: Take A Lesson

An exercept from an article in today's State Journal (Business section) from the AP. This article also appeared in Forbes:

Q: Are there little things companies are doing to cut costs?
A: During difficult times, no expense is too big - or too small - to cut back.
You've probably seen this at your own workplace, where even items like office supplies might be hard to find these days. Or you've seen it on airlines, which are notorious for trimming even the smallest of costs, like free snacks or drinks. Conference calls replace business trips and catered lunch meetings become brown bag affairs.
Even Google, which boasts some of the cushiest employee perks out there, no longer provides free bottled water at its headquarters.

How many times when the school board has been chastised for spending money on pizza lunches, bottled water (instead of good old TAP water), Kit Kat bars, and memorials --to mention only a few--- have members of the school board responded with their mantra:

Those are insignificant costs to a $65M budget.

-- various Sun Prairie school board members

Maybe...just maybe....they'll listen to recognized business leaders. Obviously they don't give a second thought to these things when raised by citizens. This school district MUST be run more like a business than an expensive plaything.