Friday, July 5, 2013

New district website takes a giant leap forward

Long ago we had given up on the district website.
Too many fish to fry; not enough fry pans for the lot.

But it was awful.  No...actually it was something that aspired to one day be awful.  It was amateur (and that's being kind).  The frames overlapped and you couldn't read text.

But after a rather major effort (we cringe at the ultimate cost...)....the new website (which we'll dub as version 2.0) is complete and is a HUGE improvement.  The quality is now on par with our similar-size district peers.

Yes....things are in different places, and you'll have to re-discover them.  It doesn't appear that "re-direct" have been created.

Version 2.1 needs to include more "accessibility" features.  A larger font size would be better.  It's still a work n progress as pages get populated.

But, you WILL like the look and quality.  Try it.

If you have any trouble locating things you can contact the district at this link: