Sunday, July 14, 2013

This Has Proceeded Far Beyond Ridiculousness

OK....this has just gone on for too frickin' long!
With all our technology expertise...can't SOMEONE return transparency to the facilities calendar?

There is clearly a javascript error.  SOMEone has modified the code or
unchecked the "Let's be transparent" box.  This does not belong on our Communication Manager's radar screen.  It's either a specific HTML/Javascript coding problem, or someone just flicked the switch to turn out the lights.

I sent an e-mail to Sarah Heck, the manager for the web-site change along with Mike Mades, and she indicated that she was aware of the issue and would be working to resolve the issue when she gets back from vacation next week. The issue was not addressed in the effort to get the web site up and running. I will keep you posted if I hear anything...
---Joe Powelka, Buildings & Grounds
Does the district's worker's compensation insurance cover constantly tripping over one's self?