Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Was There a Happy Ending With That?

And teachers say they aren't appreciated?
We find...thanks to a watchful resident...that for Teacher Appreciation day, the district provided 21 hours of massages.  We're not sure whether there were any happy endings.

Oh...it gets better!

For a cost of $1239, we added a $240 tip!  For "services" rendered?
Oh...and not to worry...it wasn't your tax dollars at work.  The funding came from the "Pepsi money".
WHAT Pepsi money?

Oh...and seeing as this all happened during a school day....how were teachers "available" for a massage?  Please don't tell us we paid for substitutes!  And isn't this the time that these "professional educators" are supposed to be working on lesson prep and grading papers?

There has been a lot of poor data coming out of the district, but now we see that the icing on that cake is poor decisions.  And high school Principal Lisa Heipp and Deputy DA Phil Frei signed off on the approval.
REALLY?  What on earth led anyone to believe that this was OK?  Is this yet another instance where Tim Culver was outside the loop?  Did the school board know?

Where dd all this occur?  Some back alley in dimly lit rooms?

We have a lot of questions....and we'll be making some records requests.  Stay tuned.

Do we need district training in how not t make poor decisions?  Don't we nag kids about the importance of making good decisions.

It just continues to be one step forward and several leaps backward.
Was the "Manly Man's" package an option?