Saturday, June 29, 2013

Next on the chopping block...the SPLL agreement

It's time people.
Actually, it's long overdue.

Ask anyone in the community...even the Sun Prairie Little League (SPLL) people.
Oh, they'll look uncomfortable, dart their eyes to see who might be within earshot...
...but even they will tell you that SPASD got the short end of the stick on this "agreement".

C'MON!  This group has "reserved" (um....squatted on?) the varsity and JV softball fields...all day and night long... for the entire summer...for TWO years in a row (that we've been watching anyway).

Those fields aren't being used 13 hours a day every day all summer...but because they've locked them up, no one else can use those fields.

We have the Home Talent team playing...for no charge...on our fields as well.  And the legion team.  What On God's green earth do Home Talent and American Legion have to do with SPLL?

They've created an umbrellla that encompasses the entire city.
And for all that *free* use, we got exactly $85,000 over 22 years.


Phil Frei and Tim Culver need to call us...we have some land for sale that would be just fine for athletic fields.

OK....maybe that's going too far.  But SOMEONE in the district or the school board needs to call SPLL and declare that it's time to renegotiate that agreement.