Sunday, June 2, 2013

Put a Fork in Her, Captain...She's Done

Ashley Field is once again on the agenda for tomorrow night's Planning Committee meeting.With a new projected. cost of $5.1 to $5.7 M (give or take 5%), all we expect to hear is the death rattle.
...Ashley Field proposal

All told, there was a lot of talk being talked, but no Benjamins made the walk for this folly.  For all the interest in football in Sun Prairie, no donations could be mustered to even form the nucleus of a real plan.  Meanwhile, the pedal is firmly to the metal on the new $7M 2-sheet ice arena.

How is it that donations or financial commitments could be generated for the ice arena and Summit Field turf, but football came up with diddly squat?   Don't hang Dave Stackhouse for this one.  He's got enough to atone for.  Was it the 11th hour "need" for a new baseball field to replace the field at Ashley the final nail?   Was fundraising held hostage by the baseball folks?  We hear rumblings to that effect, but logic would dictate that this is the football community's show to blow.

It seems the epitaph has been written...
Due to the significant increase in the proposed budget for improvements to Ashley Field, the competing need for funding other facility security and maintenance issues, and the apparent limited public support of the initiative, it is recommend that nothing be done at this time with Ashley Field; that the fields continue to be used as are. 
We have far more pressing issue on the...cough, cough....ACADEMIC and SAFETY fronts to wate any more time on a grandiose Ashley Field.