Sunday, February 17, 2013

Does ANYBODY Review ANYTHING here?

OK....people make mistakes.  We get that.  But is there anyone else that sees that the Sun Prairie school district seems to make mistakes at a highly accelerated rate compared to others?

This e-mail message went out to families of Patrick Marsh students this past week.
You'd think that something with the good Dr. Culver's name on it....
... given the pretty hefty salary we pay to a Communications Manager...
... and after all the poor quality information (which clearly has not received adequate review) coming out of the district...
... that SOMEONE would have proofread this simple e-mail message!

Or was this a contest?  You know...parents, please fill in the blank of who you'd like to see as interim Assistant Principal?

This isn't a personnel matter you have interest in.
And what's REALLY noteworthy is that NO ONE is even talking about WHY Mr. Luessman is suddenly called upon to take over as interim Creekside principal.  This one has a rather fishy odor to it.  For this level of secrecy, it must involve a rather touchy subject.  Were any of the kids at any risk?  Teachers?