Sunday, February 17, 2013

Screw Ashley Field!

And we're not referring to some vulgar act with some coed by that name.  Shame on you for even thinking such a thought.

It's simply time, people.'s long past time.
There's clearly some hidden agenda that's operating behind the scenes, and like Mr. T, we ain't got time for the jibbajabba.

Just over a year ago, the spectre of Ashley Field renovations was raised yet again.  In that episode, we learned that not one penny had been collected towards the "Turf Ashley Field" project.  David Stackhouse became the scapegoat.  But, you know what?   Stackhouse's plan is starting to sound a whole lot more reasonable!   And yes...that IS pretty scary.

Click to enlarge and see the budget
We leaned this summer that the "plan" would result in the loss of the baseball field portion of Ashley.  And we also learned that replacing said field would cots about $375,000 MORE than the already estimated cost of $2.4 MILLION. $3M? $4M? More?

Now we're hearing its going to cost EVEN MORE!

What really bothers us is that each of this years (2012-13) and next year's budgets included $25,000 for the Ashley Field entrance.  We also understand that $25K won't even put a dent in the actual cost for that part.  We're not seriously going to dump that money into the Ashley Field money pit...are we?

The football people have not raised anything.  Zip. Zero. Zed.  There are rumors that the baseball people are holding the plan hostage until they are assured of getting a replacement field.  Interestingly enough, SPASD Athletics Director Jim McClowry serves on the Board of Directors for SP Little League (  Not that we're suggesting that presents a conflict of interest or anything.  Hmmm...wonder if he also serves on the youth football board?  Hockey?...oh...wait...probably not; never mind.  Apparently people way smarter than us have reviewed his serving on the SPLL board and don't see a problem. you really think this plan has a snowball's chance of coming to fruition?  We do not.  We say...