Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tax levy approved; 1.4% DECREASE from 2011-12

The annual Electors how it SPARCled.  For awhile there, it appeared that we'd been teleported to Forks, WA.  Would Edward be in attendance?

Like good little liberals, the SPARClers appeared in a moderate show of force to try to erase the reduction in tax levy.  Their play was for a 0% increase, which would have added nearly $1M to the proposed tax levy.

Of course, somehow the message filtered through to the collective and it must have suddenly dawned on them that the electors cannot override a school board proposed tax levy which is adequate to operate and maintain schools.  So their next ploy was to put the extra tax dollars away to pay down the $1.5M debt levy increase scheduled to come next year.  Once again, however, the rest of the electors had clearer heads and soundly defeated the SPARClers.  The levy proposed by the school district,$46,437,308, was approved by a vote of 130-49.

Hail Mary bid for levying an extra $900K
Have we no shame?  Comparing high school graduation rates to airplane crash percentages and foodborne illness, Al Guyant, a prominent Member of the SPARC group (and who has been dubbed the Al SPARC) offered the following, after asking Dr. Culver what the graduation rate is (Culver responded; 98%):

“When I go to the store to buy food, I want 100 percent of that food to be good and not get sick. When I get my brakes fixed, I want those brakes to work 100 percent, not 98 percent. The planes that fly my grandchildren here, I want them to be 100 percent successful, not 98 percent successful. Why is it that we want 100 percent in many things in our society, but we tolerate 98 percent? Our country is under economic attack, we need as many smart people to go work for Epic and other places so that they can hire, they can pay more taxes...the goal should be 99.99 success and someone should come up with what is the cost of doing that.”
--- Al Guyant (as reported by the STAR)

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