Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pop Quiz Time...a True Story

We're gonna make this easy for you....only two choices for the answer.  Shouldn't all multiple choice tests have only two options?

So let's just say that you're the principal of Sun Prairie High School.  Ok... we did...and it was.
...and you decide to show your support for the  school and attend last night's homecoming football game... (which she did). comes the question...

So..does the high school principal reach into her wallet and
(A) pull out a  $5 for the entry fee to support the district's athletic programs, or
(B) pull out her staff ID which allows her free admission?

OK....the answer was (B).
And...hey...that's OK, right?  I mean it is a "perk" that staff receive from the district.  So it would be like blowing $5 when you do not have to...right?

Or is it really a character study of sorts.  When you earn over $110,000 per year, which will come with a great retirement pension, do you "take one for the team" and share the wealth of your career?  Or do you say, "Bull$%!# ...I can get in free, so I will, dammit"?   Afterall;...our HS principal has no real ties to this community.  She lives further south, so her tax dollars do not go to support the district.

Without naming names, other highly placed people in the district also attended and chose option (A).

This, boys and girls is a lesson on how the rich get richer.
It's the "haves" vs. the "have nots"
They do not spend one thin dime they do not have to.