Saturday, October 27, 2012

The case of the puzzling yard signs

So...on the one hand we have an elementary school principal who is on record of supporting smaller class sizes.  On the other, we have said principal's yard flaunting a complete slate of Republican yard signs.

Hmmm...seeing as how Romney has clearly stated that he doesn't not see a relationship between class size and student achievement, how could an elementary principal be (at least openly) supporting him?

Could it be that personal finance is valued more highly than education?  Based on the principal's salary (and that of said principal's spouse), they may not be in the "1%", but they very clearly fall into the in their household income (available through public records) exceeds that of 96% of Americans.

Yeah...they might want to vote for the guy that will cut their taxes...even if he does gut education.

With all due respect to privacy, it just seems strange to us that someone in these shoes would be so open about which candidate they support.  Talk about erecting a wall between you and your staff.