Saturday, September 11, 2010

King of the Mountain

Why is the district planning on sitting on $1.75 MILLION dollars that landed in our laps via the Education Jobs Fund?
The folks we hear from theorize that it's being held in reserve for one of two reasons:
1. To make Tim Culver's dream Charter school come true, or
2. To use in case the community votes to reduce the proposed levy again.

Phil Frei comes out of the chute insisting that all this money must be spent THIS school year.  Suddenly, it's a 180 degree about face with a plan to spend not one dime this year.
Even the prospect of using some of the money to fund retirement incentives for those approaching the $100K Club is being pushed off until discussions with SPEA, which won't even begin until next spring.

So...there's NOTHING we can do with this money to help staff, help the community THIS year?
That figure represents about 2.5% of the ENTIRE budget.
If you support this district posture, school board, then shame on you.
You were elected to manage the school district AND make decision to help the community.  If your employees won't do it, then you need to do it for them.

Of course...if you'd really prefer the community do your job for you, then, by all means...we suspect that business will be taken care of come October 11.