Friday, September 24, 2010

Game On!

Jeff Probst can add a new buzz word to his mantra.  In addition to OUTWIT, OUTPLAY, and OUTLAST, for this year's Annual Elector's Meeting,  it sounds like we're adding "OUTVOTE".          Last year nearly 200 electors attended.  
How many will come this year?
Will the school district/board get the tax levy they seek?
Or will they be outvoted for the second consecutive year?

For this challenge, residents need to recall the infamous letter submitted by the SPEA union in response to the board's request that they voluntarily accept ONE furlough day during the 2009-10 year:
" In an effort to show our willingness to work together, S.P.E.A has committed our organization to rally around the 2010 annual meeting in order to pass a levy that will fully finance education in the Sun Prairie Area School District. "
            --SPEA President Brad Lutes
Read the whole letter