Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Survivor Season MMX: Teachers vs. Community?

Oh the but is scuttling!
We're hearing that, 
"... no one [at District HQ] is overly worried about the upcoming annual meeting, because [SPEA, the Teacher's Union] has enough teachers ready to save the day  "

Will this be a reward challenge?  Or an immunity challenge?

So, in the 6 year period from 2002 to 2008 between 21 and 44 "electors", most district employees, attended the  Annual Elector's Meeting.  Last year, 184 electors voted 2-1 to reduce the tax levy by $2M.  And who didn't notice that quite a few residents got tired of listening and walked out before the penultimate vote.  Not to stereotype or anything, but the folks that left sure looked like they fell into the "2" rather than the "1" camp.
There are like 540 teachers.  If each brings their spouse or significant other, that means a potential of about 1100 voters blindly supporting whatever tax levy the district puts up.  But...there are 30,000+ residents in the district, at least 50% of which are of voting age.

Questions to ponder

  • Hmmm...what IS the capacity of the new Performing Arts Center?
  • What IS the plan to be sure that all those that attend are eligible to vote?
  • Will this really boil down to a war of who can pack the most attendees...teachers or struggling community members?
  • Wanna guess who we think wins?

As one loyal reader put it,  If people want to be heard, they might try showing up instead of assuming that they know what will happen at the meeting.

The Annual Elector's Meeting 2010
Monday October 11, 2010
@ the new high school (Grove St) Performing Arts Center

Be there...or accept the consequences.