Sunday, November 17, 2013


So the do-over of the annual meeting occurred this past Tuesday.  So,OK, we doubled the crowd to about 275 (going by the highest vote tally, which was about 89 for, 180 against).

The results are the same.  The minimum busing distance for the middle schools and high schools will be reduced to 1.5 miles.

Is it the wisest use of $430,000? (every year forward the price goes up 3%)?  No.

If Dr. Culver had $430,000 of taxpayer dollars to spend, wuld bsing even make his top 10? No.

I it absolutely one of the top 5 most ridiculous things that has  happened in this district (money wise).  Absolutely.

So be it.

You were informed.
The issues were clear.

The school district did an outstanding job of attempting to engage the community and get folks to attend the meeting, speak their mind, and cat their votes.  Our hats are off to school district administration.

The school board did an outstanding job of saying, "Hey...we don't have enough representation here, we need to do this in a more openly communicated, transparent manner. " They did that by forcing a special Electors Meeting.  Our hats are off to President Weber et al as well. of two things happened.
Either the people in this district don't really care about their property taxes and don't care about reducing the minimum busing distances.
Or they couldn't find enough time in their busy lives to come out for 2 hours.  In other words...apathy.

So....we will fully support this decision because you all had a chance.  In fact, you had TWO chances.  And it apparently wasn't important enough for you to actually get off your ever burgeoning keesters and come out to the meeting.

Don't call us.  We're not listening anymore on this one.
And kwitcherbitchin.