Sunday, November 17, 2013

Counterpoint ---Point

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Stan, you ignorant slut...

Or should we say, don't even live in this district, so STFU.  Your IP address traces to somewhere in Iowa.  Yup.  I thin k that's enuff said, right there.

Second...where the hell did you come up with the Tea Party?   This is not about politics.  This was about getting adequate representation of the COMMUNITY on a major issue.  (an you say community, Stan...or i it too many syllables or you?)

Teach us a lesson?  Puleeze!  That sounds like bullyism to us.  And we've dispatched of quite a few bullies with way better creds than you.  You teach us nothing.  

Will we accept the results of this 2nd meeting.  Absolutely.  That's what we said and we walk the walk in addition to talking the talk.  All we wanted was a fair opportunity a little beyond the scope of the 500 left lurchers who happen to subscribe to that biased drivel, the STAR.  We got that and now people need to move on.

And "we" lost nothing, Eric.  The community might have lost.  But it deserves what it gets.

Be careful what you wish for though, Stan.  You may see the rebound effect on a much larger people coming to the polls and voting down a referendum for an 8th elementary school when one is needed (shortly).

Or when the District ants to spend  half million dollars on i-Pads.  The school board might just say..."Nope...not with an eighth elementary school coming and all this new transportation cost."

Or when it comes time to thinking about raise for staff.  180 people may have just pissed on any hopes of any raises.

We shall see.
We just hope your piloting skills are far beyond your logic and reasoning skills.

Point: Stan (Guest):

The Board really went to seemingly unprecedented trouble to advertise this
special meeting. This included prominent notice in The Star, a postcard mailed to everyone in the district, phone calls, e-mails, etc. There is absolutely no credible argument that the School Board failed to give the taxpayers of Sun Prairie sufficient notice of this special meeting. And surprise, surprise - the Tea Party loses again. Perhaps that should finally teach you a lesson! Will you accept the results of this second meeting or will you continue to stamp your feet and demand yet another do-over? Please. The matter is settled. You lost. Move on.
4:28 p.m., Wednesday Nov. 13

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