Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Taxpayer's View of the Busing Decision

Sun Prairie Taxpayer (Guest):

Sadly, I am one of those taxpayers that did not know about the meeting and would have voted against increasing the tax levy. This situation makes me livid! I plan on showing up to the November 12thmeeting, though and am grateful that I got a postcard in the mail from the school district, though it sounds like it is too late.
The cost of bussing these kids an additional half mile averages out to $760 per child. And this is actually an understatement since Kobussun is at full capacity of their current facility. In addition to the staff and busses, they will need to add more buildings and parking lots....costs which have not been factored in.
At what point does the taxpayer take on total responsibility for the safety of all Sun Prairie kids? Honest ly, if t he city is so unsafe that teenagers cannot walk 2 miles without being abducted, what are the parents doing choosing to live in such a dangerous area? Are parents teaching their teenagers what to do to protect themselves? Or is that the taxpayers responsibility too? If there is really so much danger, why are the children allowed to walk at all? Are those students living 1.25 miles from the school considered to be less valuable than those living 2 miles away? Why do we think the predators are not going to just move closer? Parents that choose to live on the outskirts of the bussing route can pay the extra amount per month for the extra safety. My guess is that it is more of a convenience than anything. Seems pretty unfair that those wanting more free services can just reach into others wallets and take what they feel they are entitled to with only a mere fraction of the community represented.

And what about plain old physical activity? Seems like we hear ab out the need for kids to exercise. Good thing we put them all on busses so they can get home and get to the gym to make up for the walk they are not getting!
The situation reminds me of those that buy a house on the railroad tracks and then complain that there is too much noise from the trains! choose where to live and you choose how many children to have. Take responsibility for your own family and stop passing on parental responsibility to the taxpayers.