Monday, December 27, 2010

Please Don't Go!!!

We understand that board member David Stackhouse is pondering whether or not to turn in papers for re-election.  We'd miss him.  After all...he provides so much fodder.

Most recently, at the Dec. 20th school board meeting, the subject was advertising in the schools.  Board member John Welke commented regarding an e-mail that all board members had received from "a citizen" (it was from none other than SP-EYE).  
Stackhouse commented to the effect that, he...
"...doesn't give any consideration to e-mails that don't identify the sender."
And THAT's what we love about Stackhouse.
He knows darn right well who SP-EYE is....after all....his good buddy Monte Couch has made it clear in e-mail and in the newspaper that "SP-EYE is none other Rick Mealy".   We even reported it ourselves!  ( )  And Stackhouse is copied on all Monte's hodgepodge of correspondence (uh oh...hope that won't turn on the legal threats tap again!!!). even e-mailed us directly to specifically suggest we use Billy Joel for your "celebrity look-a-like".   How come you knew who to e-mail it to, but suddenly you forget who SP-EYE is?  A little senility creeping in?  

Remember the old Trix rabbit?  Silly David, nice of you to pontificate...but the whole world knows who "runs" it doesn't become you to play coy now.  But...that being said...we love the opportunity to point out how ridiculous your chest-puffing is/was.  Don't hate on the player...hate the game, baby.

The school district world is a much funner place with you in it...especially after you started voting against McCourt, McWhalen, and McDiedrich because you weren't voted into an officer position.   So here's hoping you file your candidacy papers.  Go KNOW you like the limelight!

Note: While we would love to lay claim to all the intelligence and tidbits we post here, we maintain what we have maintained from the get go.  SP-EYE may well be written by one individual...but we rely on the eyes and ears of the many of you who have supplied us with critical intelligence to truly know the details of what's going on inside the district core.  And we thank you all for your continuing contributions.  Without you, SP-EYE would not be nearly as strong.  And the community would not be so well-informed.