Monday, May 25, 2009

SP-EYE Ain't Monte

From: Monte (
To: everybody and their brother

5-25-2009 5:30pm

I supported in previous years, Rick Mealy's publishing information on the web via his so called blog. BUT I removed links to his blog from my web sites about a year ago.

On 8-23-2008 I sent him a message: " Please remove the link on your blog to the B4Spin web pages. Thank you!"

I want it clear, I do not support his publications in any way. Mealy has had a statement on his website using the word "we" as if he had the direct backing of a substantial group of district residents that support his blabbering. It reads as follows:

"About Us
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, United States
We are a group of tax payers who pay attention to what's going on with the school board. We don't like the trends we are seeing.
View my complete profile"

He seems to end up allowing he is a one man show, and fails to disclose who the "we" includes, the names of those supposedly making up this "group of taxpayers".

I am not part of that supposed group.
Monte Couch

There you have it, ladies and germs...we ain't Monte. And we're not losing sleep over it. Newsflash, Mr. Couch...Blogger does not allow multiple "profiles". You get ONE user ID. Go figure. Who'd athunk in this day and age, eh?

As WE have said ad nauseam. It is your CHOICE to read this blog...or not. Mr. Couch, though he says he doesn't support "this blabbering", seems to check it quite regularly. He's a regular reader...doesn't appear to miss a post. Why would someone so critical even bother? Toss that one on top of the "Things that make you go 'hmmm" pile.

SP-EYE had no intention of "smearing" either of the Mertes. Janice Mertes is a fine, accomplished teacher. Mr. Mertes, more often than not, swings the editorial pen on the mark. WE received an anonymous hard copy snail mail letter. It raised some concerns. It is SP-EYE's (OUR) opinion that (generally speaking) there is a disconnect in terms of which candidates Mr. Mertes supports for school board vs. those he supports for other offices. That's the facts, Jack....until someone rises facts that support a contrary OPINION. Make what you will of the information.

Not sure what Couch is referencing about "smearing" elected officials. If it's about Mr. Stackhouse and his tax delinquency....sheeeeeahhh....that was a FACT. In fact, said fact was actually provided to US from a community resident. WE would love to claim that we tumbled to it first, but we didn't.

We now return you to your regular programming.