Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The Sun Prairie Area School District general budget for 2010-11 is about $73M.
You know the old adage....what does "a million of [something] look like"?
Here's what ONE MILLION DOLLARS buys (or what costs $1M) in the school district:

  • The combined salaries (excluding benefits) of the top 9 highest paid administrators: Culver, Frei, Dawes, Luessman, Mikula, Hery, Murphy, Heipp, Ruggles)
  • The combined salaries (excluding benefits) of all 28.5 administrators for July - Nov, 2010
  • The combined salaries (excluding benefits) of the top 12 highest paid teachers
  • The district cost -- for ONE MONTH -- of Health Insurance ($936,250)
  • The 2010-11 district cost for Dental Insurance
  • The budgeted amount which state aid exceeds cost (aka "profit") of the 4K program in 2011-12
  • The 5 YEAR busing cost to transport 4 year olds to the 4K program (currently 133 kids) 
  • The District budget for "General Supplies" for the 2010-11 school year
  • The budgeted sum of "Extra-curricular" and "Summer School" salaries paid to district staff above and beyond their regular pay for 2010-11 (actually $1.1M)
  • ONE TENTH of the 2010-11 district payment for Capital Debt
  • 0.6% of the total district debt ($171M) as of June 30, 2011.
  • The Capital Projects (building maintenance) budget for 2010-11
  • The budgeted district cost for electricity for 2010-11
  • SIX MONTHS of  budgeted district cost for SUBSTITUTE teachers for 2010-11