Sunday, October 31, 2010

And You Think OUR School Board has Brass Ones?

Come on!  Really?!?
Are you people nuts?
We all know that EVERY school district has a Phil who has his/her own pair of "our dough" pants.  Every school district budget has a pork-based foundation.  Let';s not forget how the evil Sun Prairie electors cut their school tax levy to the bone in 2009 ....only to find that the district STILL had a $1.3 MILLION dollar surplus.

Here's hoping that SOME brave group of DeForestonians stands up and cries "bullspit!".  ANYONE could easily make a case that the DeForest school board is grossly overstepping its authority.
The state of education is NOT going to progress here or anywhere until school districts across the land wake up and smell the coffee.
Of course, what's more infuriating is that the newspaper article itself appears to applaud the tactics of the school board, by stating that,

" The school board is authorized by state law to levy the amount of money they believe is needed to operate the schools. The vote by the electors at the annual meeting was only advisory."
You MIGHT want to read that statute a little more closely.  First mistake was suggesting that the vote of the electors is "advisory"!  Advisory? Really?!? REALLY?  We don't think so.

Read the article.