Friday, October 1, 2010

...And the Line Holds

Many of you may have turned off the Packer game in disgust to check in on the school board.

The main issue of the night was DO WE or DO WE NOT hire a new administrative Human Resources position specializing in minority relations and recruitment.

As board member went around the table, it sure started to look like John Welke would stand alone in his no vote.  But Stackhouse was pretty quiet and that';s usually an indication that he's not supporting something.  Then Jill Camber-Davidson, who had apparently been leaning to vote Yes, voted "no:.   So here it was:  McCourt/Diedrich and Whalen in favor of hiring the $69K position and Welke/Stackhouse/Camber-Davidson opposed.

What would Shimek do?  In a surprising move, Mr. Shimek voted "NO"---as he did two weeks ago-- and the line held firm at the goal line.  Kudos to Mr. Shimek for standing pat like a newbie holding a pair of kings at the blackjack table.

Do we--as a district-- need to clean our own house a bit as it relates to multi-cultural acceptance?  Absolutely.  But hiring a new HR position is not going to solve that problem.  That message needs to comes from the top: Tim Culver.  And it has to be a message of zero tolerance that is backed up by the HR equivalent of a trip to the woodshed.

People in this district, and some in the community, need to come to grips with the reality that Sun Prairie has not been a farm town populated by European or Scandinavian descendants for quite some time.  The world is a melting pot, and Sun Prairie is just a bowl from that pot.  Having a minority recruitment specialist is not going to change peoples' attitudes.  Attitude adjustment therapy needs to come from the top.