Sunday, August 1, 2010

What The People Are Saying

These are but a few snippets of comments made from various folks within the community:

"I can't afford to keep paying these taxes; I'm putting my house up for sale and moving to Madison."

"I live on a fixed income and, after many years, I can no longer afford to live in Sun Prairie."

"A 7.8% tax increase? Are you [expletive deleted] kidding me??"

"Raises? Why are we giving anyone raises? I haven't had a raise in three years."

"Why aren't we freezing salaries? Most people have had no raises, their wages cut, or are unemployed."

" If [Administrators] are asking for anything other than zero, they are making a huge mistake. I think the community should push to have that settled before the Oct meeting."

"The district needs to do a better job of cutting money by looking at salaries and benefits, which are a large part of the budget."

"Why is the board 'negotiating' with school district administrators over a desired salary increase? These people are not union. Like any other private sector employee, they need to understand that they TAKE what the school board offers, or decide to go elsewhere. It's that simple."

" Whoever designed the parking lot and roof runoff plan [for the new pool] should probably go back to school. At the entrance, there are downspouts that send the roof water right down the main walkway in."

" Shouldn't we demand a board and administration who can answer the simple question, "How much money do we have, give or take a million dollars?" "

" This is a small town with small infrastructure, and the small businesses are going away. Why wasn't money used for teacher supplies and special education students instead of plays and going swimming? "

[regarding the pool problems] "If you have specifications shouldn't the work be done to spec? Shouldn't someone be following up on that? Especially for what we paid for the specs."

Our Take
Pool leaks and problems, a budget that the community does NOT approve, raises in the midst of a 2 year and counting recession that seems poised for a double dip. This is the picture of a school district in complete disarray. And these people think they deserve raises?

A year later and the school board still hasn't taken the school district by the reins. Who exactly are they representing?

Sadly, the school board--at least most of them--does not care if residents decide to leave the community. The cold hard reality is that even if you move, SOMEONE has to pay the property taxes for the home you vacate. They only care about the property tax income. Frankly, it seems to us that they are simply rolling the dice and hoping to lose whiny taxpayers and replace them with upper class folks with tons of disposable income and a "spare no cost for education--even if it drives the penny-pinching old farts out" mentality.

As for raises, we're scratching our heads too. The school district needs to be run like a business, and in tight times, there is no money available for raises. Paying these people--that are already more than adequately compensated-- more is not going to improve test scores, get us a National Merit Scholar, or enhance the education of our kids. It'll just add to their already nicely lined pockets.

The pool is just another fiasco in a long line of fiascoes. The district just can't seem to get out of its own way!

Say...isn't it time for a Dr. Culver blog? There have been a total of 2 posts in the past 3 months after Dr. Culver told us that it had been suggested that he "blog more frequently with 'less length'". Or was that "blog less frequently with NO length"?

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Rumor and 3 Realities

It’s been suggested that I blog more frequently with “less length”. I’m going to give it a try. But I have a lot to share, so I’m going to transition by doing four “short” topics.
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