Saturday, August 7, 2010

Trying to Keep Good Teachers Down In Milwaukee?

Guess things could be worse than here in Sun Prairie:

Milwaukee Teachers Seek Viagra Coverage

Drugs Were Excluded In '05 To Save Money

With the district in a financial crisis and hundreds of its members facing layoffs, the Milwaukee teachers union is taking a peculiar stand: fighting to get its taxpayer-funded Viagra back

....lawyers for the school board say the drugs were excluded in 2005 to save money, and there is no discrimination because they are used primarily for recreational sex and not out of medical necessity.

...At least one lawmaker questioned why the union is fighting for Viagra while teachers are losing their jobs. A consultant for the school board has estimated that reinstating the drug benefit would cost $786,000 per year - the cost to keep perhaps a dozen first-year teachers employed.

...the union has argued the costs are tiny compared to the $1.3 billion annual budget. But the school board says they are "particularly burdensome" when it is under pressure to reduce benefit costs

.... the pills - which can cost $20 apiece without insurance.

$786,000 per year?
At $20 a pop, that's 39,300 "pops" a year
...or nearly 110 "pops" per day.

Don't get all "hoity toity" on KNOW you're doing some sort of math in your head.
So....lifting these male teachers' spirits with prescription drugs like Prozac: covered.
But lifting get the for it out of pocket.
Hmmmm... an interesting cost cutting mechanism??
Makes one wonder how many "elevating moments" we pay for in Sun Prairie.