Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Concerned School Board? Special Budget Work Session on Monday

Where's that smoke coming from? Oh...wait...its from the seat of the school board's pants! Someone must have lit a fire under their collective buttocks, because...surprise, surprise...they're holding a special working session to roll up their sleeves and see if the budget can be pared down.

According to the prep documents, the tax levy increase has been reduced from bout 8.6% as of March to about 6.3% at present. Of course administration will preen and suggest that this is all their handiwork, but we know better...don't we. The SAGE reduction is a gift from the state....not our doing. Similarly a reduction in the Tier 3 "negative aid"---which isn't being discussed" is actually a result of the community tightening the screws at last year's annual electors meeting.

YES, the meeting is open to the public.
While the board CAN allow for public input, they usually do not. Of course, if enough concerned taxpayers show up and put their best, "I've got something to say, you need to hear us, and I will be brief" faces on...who knows what will happen? This would not be the venue for a 20 minute filibuster ( know who you are!)...but brief pointed comments.


6:00 p.m. at the District Office (Room 100), 501 S. Bird St., Sun Prairie.

Subject: Review, discussion and possible action on 2010-2011 annual budget

Type: Action, Discussion

See the preparatory information