Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Statewide Benefit DIS-Parity?

A review of how a sampling of similar sized (to Sun Prairie) school districts reveals that generally--but not always-- AFSCME (American Federation of State, Country, and Municipal Employees) staffers generally get the short end of the benefit stick.

We looked at 6 similar sized districts, and two stood out. Both Manitowoc and Middleton-Cross Plains school districts treat ALL employees equitably. Universal benefits are provided for all. The two were, however, at opposite ends of the budget spectrum. While Manitowoc seems to have established reasonable employee share costs of benefit packages, Middleton-Cross Plains throws caution to the wind and provides all benefits at no charge to the employees. wonder why MCP is in the midst of a severe budget crisis.

All the rest, including Sun Prairie. That makes 5 out 7, or 70%.

How can these school boards treat employee "classes" so differently and look at themselves in the mirror?
You'd think this might be something that a local or state newspaper might want to pick up on.
Of course, the STAR likes to play nicey-nice with the district. So we certainly couldn't expect Chris Mertes et al to expose something like this and use the old journalistic crowbar.