Thursday, July 29, 2010

Community Votes to Maintain Busing Distances

In a close 85-79 vote last night, community members voted to maintain the 2.0 mile limit for busing middle school students, instead of reducing the limit to 1.5 miles, saving taxpayers $90K.

Even at a drastically reduced cost of $89,650, perhaps community members were reacting to displeasure with the school board's proposed 7.8% tax levy increase. The Special Electors meeting immediately followed the district's third (and final???) public hearing on its budget. The tone of comments indicated that the community feels that the district simply isn't in touch with the realities of cut wages or lost jobs that the district taxpayers continue to face.

We wonder if the move to reduce the busing distance was doomed to failure by virtue of being a spending headliner act forced to take the stage after the district inflamed taxpayers at the budget hearing.