Saturday, July 10, 2010

Board Approves $6,900 to Ensure Uniform Table Tops

If there's ONE thing that none of us can stomach, it's school table tops that do not match. Right?

Following considerable discussion, board members voted 5-1-1 (Stackhouse opposed; Welke absent) to allow use of $100,000 as a contingency at Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School (CHUMS). The money has already had projects totaling roughly $65,000 taken from it, leaving about $34,000 for Findorff to use during the balance of the summer.

Seriously...shouldn't we have "no blank check" policy?

One of the projects is a wall which required additional load bearing support. A second project
requires the excavation of and replacement of subgrade in one of the three parking lots being
upgraded around CHUMS for parent and bus drop-offs.

Sure...some of these projects make sense and fall under what would be considered "contingency".

Huffman expressed frustration during the FTT meeting on July 1 at the board being unwilling to
allow the use of contingency money by the company without returning each time to the board for

Frustrated...maybe. Very well paid for those" frustrations"...definitely.

But board member Dave Stackhouse used one potential project as an example of why the fund
should not be put at Findorff’s and Huffman’s disposal: $6,900 for table tops so they can be
uniform in the new science rooms at CHUMS.

Kudos to David Stackhouse for voting against this. And don't we pay Huffman $7300 per MONTH to be OUR representative? Is this what WE think is a good use of $6,900 of referendum money? Making sure that table tops in a science lab match? Hell they'll be acid scarred in no time at all. We're betting John Welke was glad he missed this meeting due to a previously scheduled vacation. We wouldn't have wanted to be a part of this vote either!