Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Stuck With You" Too: The Conclusion, at the school board April 13, 2009

Question: Who would spend $10,000 when a little more than $5,000 is sufficient?

Hint: Nope...the answer isn't AIG, or even the US Government either.

Answer: Why the school board and school district administration, of course! ...or it certainly seems that we are hurtling towards that reality.

An Open Records request aimed at getting to the bottom of what exactly the district (and board)--in their inimitable style---aren't telling us about the decision (which has reportedly already been made behind closed doors and the coaches informed) yielded the following e-mail response from Dr. Culver

Discussion held in closed session was about performance evaluation data of public employees and also preliminary consideration of potential layoffs (employment status) of employees. The School Board's consideration of the decision to keep or not keep the co-head coach position will be on the April 13 regular school board agenda; as will the final list of employee layoffs.

The stipends are as follows: Mr. Boos - $5,220; Mr. Swanson - $4,698


Tim Culver

Note how Dr. Culver worded what the school board will be deliberating" whether to keep or not keep". As many of you (hopefully) know by now, the school board takes action only on a recommendation from administration (you know...their employEE). Dr. Culver's e-mail suggests that no recommendation has been made....something that NEVER happens. Administration always makes a recommendation ...and (as you hopefully know) in about 99.9% of the cases, the school board members vote unanimously to uphold the district's recommendation.

We'll know more when we obtain the rest of the materials requested next stay tuned.

In the meantime, sit back with your favorite adult beverage and ponder these questions:

  • Why on earth do we need TWO head coaches for a boys varsity basketball team of about 14 student athletes?
  • Does that mean we should have (and pay) about 6-8 head coaches for football?

Kinda sounds like someone stepped firmly into something soft, mushy, and aromatic-- with both feet--- doesn't it? And no matter how hard they try, they can't seem to wipe off the offending dookie. Someone screwed up royally, and guess who pays for it, taxpayers?

What AREN'T the rest of the district's kids going to be able to have for their education because we need to spend an extra $5,000 per year on TWO head coaches?