Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some Lunch!!!!


At the January 12, 2009 Finance Committee, two checks came into question. Well...let's be perfectly clear...it wasn't any board member that questioned the checks. As usual, the questions came from a citizen representative.

Upon request, Business Manager Rhonda Page had this to offer as explanation for the expenses,

Check # 91273 Philip Frei meal (lunch) reimbursement for $14.50 on 12/18/08.

Check # 91298 Paul Keats meal (lunch) reimbursement for $15.34 on 12/18/08.
"..when Phil (and Paul) went to visit Sheboygan to see to see their high school gyms, lockers, and fitness center."

Well...that sure is tough business checking out high school gyms and fitness centers. They must have worked themselves up quite an appetite.

Does anyone even KNOW of anywhere in Sheboygan where lunch costs $15???

While the rest of us might occasionally get a $5.00 meal at McDonald's or even one of those $5-8 "quick business lunches", our taxpayer funded administrators are dining high on the hog (sorry, Wilbur!).

The issue of setting maximums for meals has been raised to the school board before...only to fall on deaf ears. They like their fancy lunches and dinners. The board insists that their current policy which limits reimbursement to "reasonable and customary" expenses is sufficient.

Who thinks $15 for lunch ...on the taxpayer...is "reasonable and customary"?

Oh...and the best is yet to come...later this month is the annual school board conference...and once again,m WE are paying to finance virtually the entire school board to attend. Can't wait to see where they go and how much they spend for their annual luxurious steak dinner! Think they can top last year's $42 per person?

What's that you say? The economy is down? Not in Sunny Prairie!