Tuesday, January 27, 2009

School Board adopts new slogan???

For years, the back of each school board member's name tag has carried the slogan,
"How does this affect student achievement?"

The intent was to remind board members that their mission was to act in a manner that would always be traceable to a goal of student achievement.

Those days seem to be gone.

Look at what has transpired over the course of only a year. The board has repeatedly said it wants to engage the community...to listen...to hear...to win back the public trust.

But actions speak louder than words. Their words and votes have pretty much said,

Dear community...

You're wrong...to want to retain high school principal Paul Keats
You're wrong...we get to decide whose comments we include in the minutes
You're wrong...we didn't violate open meetings laws (once , twice, ???times)
You're wrong....we're implementing 4K
You're wrong...we didn't violate SAGE rules
You (and the boundary task force) are wrong...our plan was better
You're wrong...our budget numbers are always accurate
You're wrong...we get to have $42 steak dinners

And since the community doesn't seem to get it, rumor has it that a new, more appropriate slogan will be appearing on the backs of school board name tags. In fact, instead of showing their names, board members are going to turn the tags around to remind you, dear community members, of whom is right.

SP-EYE obtained an advance copy of the proposed slogan: