Friday, January 23, 2009

More info comes in on HS Principal Keats

The information we're receiving is that Paul Keats has indeed turned in his hall pass.

Reports are that Keats was told that (A) he was not guaranteed that the position of principal at the new high school was his, that (B) he'd have to apply for the job, and (C) the he need not apply because he would not get the job.

Reading between the lines, it would appear that Keats was recently informed that his administrative contract as high school principal would not be renewed when it expires June 30, 2009. Subsequently we believe that Mr. Keats turned in his resignation effective immediately.

Assuming this is all accurate, we're wondering why this? why now? Keats may not have been a top shelf administrator, but if the board (Culver) were going to develop a hatchet list and axe some administrators, our thinking i that Keats wouldn't be the community's choice for first neck under the guillotine.

We're just sayin'.