Sunday, May 25, 2014

INHuman Resources?

There's enough evidence to suggest we have a Human Resources management issue within the district.
Has anyone noticed the the turnover in that area of he district office?

If one looks at the bills...we have not one but TWO incidents where investigations had to be initiated AFTER some HR action was taken.  That doesn't bode well.  And never mind how much these "investigations" have cost the taxpayers.

There was recently an incident where an employee who participated in a district strategic planning session (theoretically a "be candid" forum) was "let go" following comments they made at the meeting.  There are also allegations that the district side of the story involves some serious embellishing.  (Thanks to the SPARCler who was in attendance and alerted us to this).

We have the Pool Manager incident last year, who was forced to write a resignation letter on the spot on a sheet of notebook paper.  The district will wave its hands and say that the Manager had to go due to some poor decisions...and that is certainly true....but is THAT how we handle things?

Jimmy Mac.  Need we say any more?

And then we have first hand knowledge of an incident in which a community resident offered some information at the request of the district to assist in their fact finding, and the HR Manager quickly hung the citizen out to dry when questioned about said fact finding.  In fact, district staff were told that the community resident had lodged an informal complaint.  That was an absolute fabrication of facts.  And let's not even talk about the importance of confidentiality in HR.  Confidentiality was tossed in the gutter here.

And people...these are but a scratching of the surface.  These are merely the wisps of smoke that betray the presence of smoldering embers.

The school district is the largest employer in the city...and we cannot accept this kind of behavior and lack of professionalism.
But nothing will be done until people speak up