Sunday, May 18, 2014

Desperately Seeking: One Grass Whisperer

Nope....we're not out of commission...just monitoring to see if the SPARClers are planning a takeover.

About a year ago, the district hired what we affectionately labelled the "Tree Whisperer".  Apparently some genius in Building and Grounds flt like we now had more trees than students and so the next B&G hire should be an expert in getting in touch with the needs of trees.  That experiments didn't last long.

Too much nitrogen!!!
Now it seems---if rumors are true--that we might be in need of a Grass Whisperer.

Once again, it would seem that some genius in B&G made a teensy tiny mistake in calculating how much nitrogen should be included in a fer
tilizer mix.
[Sotto voce:  Geee...maybe we DO need those Common Core standards after all, if our B&G wizard cant do simple math.  Oh...and where exactly is/was our $100K Club member B&G Manager???]

We/re hearing that several of the athletic fields have been burnt out due to a mis-calculation .   Ever hear of "Measure twice, cut once"??