Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ashley Field- One Lone Donor

Six months ago, we asked Jim McClowry how much money had been raised through donations for Ashley Field upgrades.  The answer...a big fat goose egg.  We thought however, that the message was clearly delivered.  Nope.  If you review the 2011-12 Donations list, only a single donor for Ashley Field appears.  And we find that just a tad ironic because it's not even a sport, but a club, and one for which playing on Ashley Field is a dream, not a reality.

Date Donor Purpose          Amount
3/10/12 Sun Prairie Youth  Monetary Donation to   $ 675.00
Lacrosse Club        SPHS for Project  Related to 
       Improvement of Athletic Fields 

We won't call them out, but where are the sports boosters who actually get to use Ashley Field?
This is a CLUB...while lacrosse is a recognized and growing sport, it isn't here in Sun Prairie School District. All they were offered is to be a "club".  By the way, did you know that lacrosse is the largest growing sport in the nation?

NFHS= National Federation of State High School Associations
Wow....good thing lacrosse players are tough.  Because this group has taken a slap despite being the ONLY group to make a donation towards Ashley improvements.  And it was a sizable donation.

We've seen fundraising by the greenhouse folks, many sports and clubs, and even the Pro Start (culinary arts) group.  But only lacrosse has stood up for Ashley field.

Wow.  Somebody or somebodies should be ashamed.
2010: High school lacrosse also continued to boom with 255,314 players, up 12.2 percent from 2009.