Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lawyerin' Up!

A very simple, yet obviously several hundred thousand dollar question was asked by a community resident last night at the 2nd budget hearing.

Question: Can you tell us what the district used as a percentage in the budget for potential raises for administration and Local 60?

Answer: Phil Frei and Jim McCourt paused, looked at each other, and then jointly said, "Our legal Counsel has advised us not to share that specific information."


Excuse us...but you want us to VOTE on the tax levy which results from this budget but you're not willing to tell us how much you might potentially dole out in raises?
We don't freakin' think so.

Let's get past the fact that what you said was legal counsel "advised" you...not instructed you...not mandated. It was advice. You can take it or leave it. Obviously this is kind of a game of poker where the district is afraid to "share" what it put in the budget as a "placeholder" because it represents a conservation/high, "worst case" percentage to which they would agree. We get it...you don't want Local 60 or the administrators to feel entitled to exactly the amount that you factored into the budget. So...why don't you say THAT instead of that lame, "our lawyer says we shouldn't tell" line.

But, on the other hand, we are the shareholders of this "company", and we have a RIGHT to know how you plan to spend our money. And that RIGHT trumps your "advice from legal counsel".

Suckering in the Electors?
So ...is the game here to get the electors to pass your tax levy with some 3 or 4% raise craftily hidden within the budget (dum dee dum...let's see...artificially inflate this line here and that line there...) and then...once it's passed in October, then you can dole out fat 3-4% raise to your Administrator pets and screw Local 60? And all the while laughing, "Ha Ha...we got 'em to approve the tax levy!".

This school board continues to find new ways to piss off the public. They must WANT to see the tax levy given a Mr. T style mohawk again this year.

What's so silly
What's REALLY silly is that it doesn't take all that many brain cells to "tease" out of the salary lines what was factored in for raises. What may be a little more difficult is identifying the slush money in the budget that could be privately earmarked for raises. So don't look fo\olish. It pains us as much as it must pain you. Just answer the question.

What? School Board members and administration...you don't like the insinuations here?
Tell you what. Be above board. Answer the public's questions with the truth, the WHOLE truth, and NOTHING BUT the truth. And maybe you might get treated differently.

Treat us like mushrooms...and you most definitely better get your Worry Dolls out come October 11th.