Sunday, June 21, 2009

Slane & Camber-Davidson get Dunked for Scholarships

Kudos to school board members Al Slane and Jill Camber-Davidson for volunteering themselves for the Cannery Square Block Party Dunk Tank Scholarship Fundraiser held yesterday June 20th. Camber-Davidson actually volunteered for TWO shifts!

What makes both their volunteer efforts ext ra special is that both these board members also pledged to personally match any funds received during their time in the dunk tank? Now that's what we call community engagement. Putting yourself "out there" to the community. What a great way to work WITH the community towards a great goal: scholarships.

All board members were contacted and invited to volunteer for the dunk tank. We understand that board president John Whalen was out of town for another event. As for Diedrich, Shimek, and Stackhouse. Unknown.

Where was Mr. Community Engagement?
So...where was Jim McCourt, Mr. Community Engagement himself? Well, there were numerous reported sightings of McCourt lurking at the Block Party. So he was most certainly in attendance, but too big to volunteer for the dunk tank and such a good cause? We're betting a whole lot of scholarship money would have been earned if Mr. McCourt had stepped up.