Saturday, June 27, 2009

2008-09 Expulsions Still at Double Digit Levels

In a follow-up to our summary last year, when we reported that 16 successful expulsion hearings had been conducted during the 2007-08 school year [Hmmm. The board /district was "successful" in expelling the students, but can expulsion really mean anyone was successful????] is that even the right word???) , SP-EYE recently learned that 13 expulsion hearings were conducted this past school year. All 13 studented were expelled. That's down 3 from 2007-08, but still more than three (3) times the number of expulsions in prior years.

Here are the numbers:
p 13 expulsion hearings were held between the start of the school year and June 1st, 2009.
p The School Board issued expulsion orders for all 13 students that were recommended.
p Expulsions by grade levels:

  • 8th ... 1
  • 9th... 8
  • 10th ... 3
  • 11th ... 1
- The primary reason(s) for initiating expulsion:

  • 6 for Repeated Misconduct/ Fighting
  • 4 for Sale/Purchase of an illegal drug
  • 2 for Bomb Threat
  • 1 for Possession of knife
    • What happens to students that are expelled?
      Good question. We asked Dr. Culver, and he responded as follows.

      When students are expelled, educational services are terminated for the term of the expulsion unless (a) the student has a disability under IDEA [i.e. special education IEP] or (b) the School Board orders services to be provided during the term of the expulsion. In these cases Student Service provides a tutor several hours a week who meets with the student away from a school site.

      How much does this tutoring cost the district?
      In 2007-2008 three students with IEPs were expelled. The services cost for all three students was $6355. In 2008-2009 two students with IEPs were expelled and two students had services ordered by the School Board until they were permitted to apply for reinstatement. The services cost for all four students was $6355. These amounts are budgeted for in the Student Service budget under Home Bound Instruction. [ Fund 10-610-110-173000-000 for regular education students ; Fund 27-610-110-156210-011 for special education students]

      Home Bound Instruction covers a wide variety of situations where services have to be provided due to various circumstances, most frequently a health or disability issue; but expulsions are also included here. In most cases (in fact all 13 this year) the School Board permits a student to apply for early reinstatement after a period of time that varies from weeks to semesters to years, depending on many factors [as per Board Procedure JG-R Considering Student Expulsions] . Before reinstatement is permitted, a number of conditions are imposed by the School Board that must be met by the student and parents. Conditions are ordered in place that must be met after a student is reinstated, as well. If these ongoing conditions are not met the students is removed for the original term of the expulsion. It is very individualized to the student, his or her parents, and the nature of the violation.