Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's Celebrity Resemblances Time Again!

How could we resist?

Sure...there were other options. But then we had a hankerin' for a tuna slamwich and who spoke to us from the can? None other than Charlie the Tuna. He put in a plug for Cousin "Jimmy the Sea Bass" McCourt.

...and we were drawn to it like moths to a flame.

What better tribute could there be to the school board member who laughs in the face of unprecedented economic and budgetary times. Mr. McCourt must certainly be a financial whiz, cuz he sure felt like the taxpayers OWED him a sea bass dinner last January. There are parallels to the wall street world. Take the taxpayers' money and give out bonuses...or have a $40 sea bass dinner...with shrimp on the side? In fact, you have to believe that McCourt KNEW SP-EYE would be monitoring the annual board dinner on the taxpayers' dime...and yet he nonetheless opted for the pricey sea bass. Yup...a model of leadership for an elected official.