Monday, December 22, 2014

Dr. Tim is Doin' the TubeSteak Boogie

This was worth re-opening the SP-EYE blog.
7 or more years ago, we felt that Dr. Culver had exceeded his usefulness to the district....that he just couldn't take us to the next level. And so Sun Prairie sputtered.  Of course it didn't help having a School Board that fawned over the good doctor and kowtowed to his every whim.

But that all changed.
One by one, board members were replaced at election time until we had 5 members that actually put away the rubber stamps,  opened their eyes, did their homework, and held Dr Culver--and his staff-- accountable.

As the saying goes, if you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.  And do Dr. C is boogieing out of Sun Prairie after this school year.  Seems like maybe the kitchen got a little overheated???

What we find interesting, though, is that his note indicates that he is "retiring" from Sun Prairie.  Really?  We don't recall seeing any such notification.   And why does one retire only to (obviously) seek another position in a smaller district?  Isn't that what you'd call "double dipping"??? But you know what....that's Oak Creek's issue to deal with now.  And perhaps the good doctor will be more successful in a smaller district.
"Dr. Culver writes, "It is with mixed emotions I share with you that I will retire from the Sun Prairie Area School District at the end of this school year.  I have tremendously enjoyed the challenge of being a leader...."
If he indeed is retiring, then he must have saved his annual 16,000,000 pennies well, because the Wisconsin retirement system doesn't pay very well with only 17 years in.  20 years is another milestone and a much better pension.   Perhaps he's simply going to milk the Creek for 3 years???

Did you know, by the way, that the average tenure of a "superintendent" in Wisconsin is 4 to 7 years?  They simply outlive their ability to continue effecting change in a district.

In any event, here's to the School Board for running the kitchen like Gordon Ramsey.